05 January 2009

Stockings with Souls

Today I've seen two marvelous beings. They are so grand and they shout for themselves. They are spontaneous and different, but are most certainly the greatest two knee-highs you've ever laid eyes on. They smile back at you when you take only one glance at them. The majestic purple shows mystery and wonder. It is the color of question and adventure, adrenaline and excitement. And then, complementing the violet perfectly, comes the brave, black and grey argyle. The argyle inspires us to stand up for what we believe in, go against the crowd to pursue in your dreams. Of course, it is different and impulsive,  but is completely consummates the outfit. The outfit expresses the person, exciting but professional. Unexpected, but flawless. These are stockings with souls.

1 comment:

Writer said...


You are simply brilliant! What a wonderful, inspiring, fun writer you are! You brought a huge smile to my face after an exhausting day. I will definitely wear those again. I think you need a pair after such glorious personification and detailed description.

Ms. L