05 November 2008

Yes, I'm a Tree Hugger

Happy Easter everyone! I hope (when it comes) you all have a fantastic holiday. May the Easter bunny bring you many sugary fun treats in cheap plastic eggs. SAVE THE EARTH! It's so easy! Here are my top five ways to help our environment NOW:
  • Recycle. It's easy and going on almost anywhere. We can save so many trees a year just by putting the paper in a different bin. Plus, you need those trees for oxygen, so you're going to want them there.
  • Volunteer in your community to clean up a park, or other polluted area. It's a great way to spend a free Saturday.
  • Conserve water. If you are not using it (for example, in the shower while shampooing your hair), turn it off.
  • If you have a short distance to go, don't drive. Simply walk. It's great for the environment and healthy for you. It's like a two-for-one sale, cool huh?
  • Don't hunt for a sport. It's utterly ridiculous and pointless. The only reason you should be killing animals is to survive (food).

So, do your part and help our world. "If we each save a little, we can all save a lot." It's hanging right there in my locker.

Eat vanilla pudding often. It's delicious. Even the sugar free kind. I wonder who plays the voice of Elmo. Elmo is fantastic. Or is Elmo real? Hm. . . tune in tomorrow to see if I've found out!

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